Shanu Mines & Industries India.

Manufacturer & Exporter of  Best Quality Feldspar, Quartz and other Industrial Minerals.

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About us -

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the specific properties of each minerals in the various grades providing added-value for its customers' applications:

• Traditional ceramics: tableware, tiles and sanitary ware, porcelain, tiles, frits, glazes and ceramic colours.

 Advanced ceramics: quartz surface manufacturing, quartz tiles, glazes, frits and glass.

• Glass: flat glass & container, insulators.

We provide world class quality of industrial minerals, materials and products from all over the world, with as many as 12 production sites and our strategy is to deliver improved performance and greater productivity with the ultimate aim of helping our customers achieve ever higher yields and design possibilities. 


Thanks to world leading expertise and experience we offer customers a complete package that goes over and beyond just supplying them with raw materials. In order to do this we invest in research & development so that we are able to provide innovations that set new benchmarks within the ceramics industry. 

Provide customised technical solutions to support customers in overcoming their production challenges and achieving their business goals.

Utilise fully our mineral processing expertise to ensure that customers have a reliable and sustainable supply of high quality mineral products and services.